NoMa Meander

The Park Idea:

This project will create a fun, inviting, four block long retail and pedestrian promenade that runs north/south from Pierce Street to New York Avenue between North Capitol and First Streets, NE. The promenade will include green spaces, seating, water elements, and active retail in the adjacent developments, including a Landmark Theater at Patterson Street.

JBG NoMa Meander Rendering_474

The Park Details:

Initially conceived in the 2006 NoMa Small Area Plan as a “mid-block connector” and later incorporated in the NoMa Public Realm Design Plan, the intent of this project is to enhance neighborhood livability by breaking up the “superblocks” between North Capitol and First Streets, NE. As nearly all of the property included in the NoMa Meander is privately-owned, the conceptualization and development of the Meander is one of the NoMa Parks Foundation’s most ambitious public-private partnerships. Several property owners along the Meander have embraced the vision for the Meander and have adjusted their development plans to incorporate and address the Meander.

Meander map_474

The NoMa Parks Foundation is helping coordinate design concepts for the NoMa Meander and will implement certain improvements on District owned land. After competing in an RFP process, Wallace Roberts Todd (WRT), planners of the Georgetown Waterfront Park, was selected as the master planner and supervisory landscape architect for the NoMa Meander. WRT will be helping to coordinate the public space designs throughout the NoMa Meander.

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Next Steps:

The NoMa Parks Foundation will continue its work on this remarkable public-private partnership. The next step will be to develop a shared plan among the property owners along the NoMa Meander. WRT will work with the owners to create a conceptual master plan that incorporates ground floor plans for their planned buildings as well as plans for their public space. The conceptual master plan will also incorporate plans for pedestrian-friendly street crossings. As part of its work, WRT will gather and take note of community responses to the plan. Once community input has been incorporated, the NoMa Parks Foundation will continue its work with property owners and the community to assure the vision of the Meander is fully realized.