Corridors and Pocket Parks

The Park Idea:

This project will study every street and sidewalk in the NoMa neighborhood and: (1) prioritize streets that can benefit from treatment as linear parks and (2) identify small places for respite to create “pocket parks” which are safe places to sit, meet friends, and enjoy the day.

corridors map

Streetscape conditions are an important component of the public realm and will help to (a) define NoMa’s aesthetic identity, and (b) impact economic activity, mobility, health, and social cohesion. Sidewalk conditions, landscaping, street furniture, building fronts, lighting and material specifications create “Complete Streets”.  The Corridors and Pocket Parks Project seeks to create Complete Streets throughout the NoMa neighborhood.

As part of shaping NoMa’s aesthetic identity, this project will unify signage and wayfinding throughout the neighborhood.  Through a collaborative community process, a vision for NoMa streets and pocket parks with repeated common elements will be developed.

Multiple types of signage currently exist throughout the NoMa neighborhood; identity signage, directional signage, historic signage and information signage. A neighborhood with a strong, consistent graphic vocabulary for maps, parking, historical and local information is the objective.

O street - Bird's eye View_474

The NoMa Parks Foundation identified a portion of the grant funds for future opportunities that may not have been available at the time the grant agreement was executed.  These funds are marked for the creation of small parks on vacant or irregular pieces of land to provide greenery, a safe place for respite, and if possible a children’s playground.  They may be created around a monument, a piece of art, or a historical marker.  Some pocket park opportunities were identified in the Public Realm Design Plan.