Corridors and Pocket Parks

The Park Idea:

This project, first identified in the NoMa Public Realm Design Plan, studied every street and sidewalk in the NoMa neighborhood to: (1) prioritize streets that can benefit from treatment as linear parks, (2) develop guidelines for the development of these streetscapes as linear parks, and (3) identify places to create “pocket parks” to sit, meet friends, and enjoy the day. Additionally, the NoMa Parks Foundation is working with the NoMa BID and DDOT on improvements to the largest linear park in the neighborhood, the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

Streetscape conditions are an important component of the public realm. New guidelines developed as part of this project will assure that private and public projects incorporate the necessary elements to assure large, healthy trees, lovely gathering spaces, bike racks, and clear pedestrian paths. The guidelines also recommend materials, public furnishings and specific tree varieties to beautify the neighborhood and establish a harmonious aesthetic.

Streetscape Guidelines:

Click for a draft summary of the NoMa Streetscape Guidelines, which, when implemented, will help create an attractive streetscape with optimal conditions for a healthy tree canopy.